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January 23rd, 2014
7:27am ET

Peter Bain and
Ken Calhoun

Dear Forex Trader,

Learning how to trade the strongest Forex entries is now within your reach...thanks to the all-new "Forex Bundles" package that we've arranged for you here in January 2013.

As we get started trading a new year together, we have outstanding Forex trading opportunities ahead — and now's the perfect time to discover how to trade the new Forex year ahead with this new package for active traders (you're going to like this).

Whether you want to sharpen your breakout entry skills, or see how to scan for the strongest Forex trade setups, we've got you covered. Because this four-course "mega-bundle" of downloadable high-resolution video recordings delivers hours (over 14 hours total, plus bonuses) of practical, step by step Forex trading tactics you can start using immediately in your own trades... it's just that easy.

You get downloadable high-resolution videos to keep from all 4 of these courses (see the individual sites for over 1,310 trader comments and testimonials!):

This is a comprehensive set of 14 hourse of Forex professional trading course videos, over a full fourteen hours of video training, for less than half the price we'd charge if this was a live in-person seminar.


You can visit each site to see the preview videos and comments, or take a quick look at the videos below, to give you an idea as to what each course covers. As you can tell, this is professional-level Forex training at it's very best... which is why so many traders are working with us to learn the "ins and outs" of advanced Forex trading.

This is an exceptional value for professional Forex training. See what's included:

(there's additional preview videos that you can see at the site at: )



Question: What type of Forex trader will the courses in "Forex Bundles" benefit the most?
Answer: We've designed this to be useful for both new and experienced Forex traders. We suggest that you should have some basic understanding of how to trade Forex first, as a prerequisite. This is designed for both intraday and swing traders. You do not need to be an advanced trader to benefit from the 4 courses contained in the "Forex Bundles" training , because we break these powerful strategies down into easy-to-understand step by step trading actions that both new and experienced traders can use.

Question: What do I get, exactly, in the "Forex Bundles" special deal?
Answer: You get crystal-clear high resolution 1920x1080 bluray quality .wmv video downloads of over 14 hours of training that's included in all 4 courses. No dvds or other physical material is shipped; this is all a downloadable product. You'll get an individual IP-tracked login/password that you can use to download your videos. Please download them all within 7 to 14 days after getting your links, as we take them off the server after that time (to conserve bandwidth). These are recordings of webinars that Peter and Ken delivered earlier, to traders who bought access for them during late 2011/throughout 2012.

Your members' area access login and password will be sent to you 24-48 hours after you place your order.
Question: How is this different from your other Forex training?
Answer: In the "Forex Bundles" courses, you get the best of Peter Bain and Ken Calhoun's specific Forex trading strategies combined in one powerful set of training videos. We go beyond what we've covered in our other Forex training, extending what you may have learned already with new advanced tactics. This training is carefully designed to provide you with dozens of cutting-edge new trading pattern recognition skills that you can use immediately in your own trades.
Question: What if I have trading questions, can I contact you?
Answer: Sorry but no, at this pricing (and due to time constraints) we cannot answer any individual trader questions related to content in these courses by email nor other means. The training is straightforward and easy to understand.
Question: I already registered for one (or more) of the 4 courses in "Forex Bundles" earlier, what else can I get?
If you've already paid for one or more of the 4 courses in the "Forex Bundles" package earlier, than we can offer you a discount on the remaining courses when bought together as a bundle. Just contact us with your email you used to place your earlier order(s) and let us know which courses you wish to get.

Question: How should I prepare for learning and getting the most out of the "Forex Bundles" courses?
Answer: We recommend that you take notes as you watch the training, then paper-trade (practice with a demo account), for each of the specific trading setups you'll be learning with us. Choose 2-3 specific strategies to test out at a time, and as you see how well they can potentially work, develop a simple, easy-to-use trading plan that helps you spot the strongest Forex breakouts, pivots and other trading tactics you'll learn as you watch the training.


You'll learn these "must-see" Forex trading topics:

What you have to know to trade these turbulent markets – what to look for (sense of urgency)
Breakout patterns
How to enter and exit a trade – how to know how long to hold a trade
How to manage trades; How to manage risk
How to spot trades; How to anticipate profit objective
How to trade top-down; How to scalp
How to day trade/position trade/scalp; How to know the best times to trade
How to pick pair(s) to trade; How to recognize patterns
How to confirm a good trade; How to scale trades
How to know when not to enter a trade

Forex Trendlines — New Advanced Tactics
- How to confirm that a trendline has been broken
- When and where to pull the trigger
- How far price will travel in the other direction.

"Top Guns of Forex Trading"
- How a certain group of traders have direct influence over price direction
(and how you can  potentially capitalize on this hidden knowledge - fast!)
- How to read their positions and trade accordingly
- How to tell the difference between their Forex positions, hedge funds, and 'dumb money' (plus  what to do in your own trades, to take advantage of these key differences)

'Quick Trading' Strategies for Active Forex Traders
- How to trade Forex aggressively and quickly
- If you have a "need for speed", you've got to see this
- How to pick the right chart to execute these trades from
- The indicators you must know, to be able to identify the correct entry points

Recurring Forex Patterns (and How to Trade Them)
- There's a certain set of patterns that repeat themselves over and over again; learn how to trade them
- Traders want to know where price is going and how far before it turns (now, you'll know, too!)
- You'll see how to spot these patterns, where to pull the trigger, plus how long to stay in your trades
- Key price patterns that you need to know, to be able to trade Forex correctly

- How To Trade 9 Key Forex Pivot Support/Resistance Pivot Points In Your Forex Charts
- Strategies for Helping You Instantly See If Your Forex Chart Is In a Hidden "Buy" or "Sell" Area
- How To Make Buy/Sell Decisions Using the Same Approach That Professional Floor Traders Use
- How To Differentiate Between an "M1-M3" Day from an "M2/M4" Day For Forex Trading Entries
- Tactics for Using Forex Pivots With Step By Step Pivot Points, Explained With Current Charts
- Scanning for High Probability Forex Trades and Knowing When To Take Profits

- Scanning with the help of the commercial traders' "30,000 foot view" using the COT report; How to keeping a trading log book and importance of taking notes to help with Forex scanning; Selecting the right pair(s) to trade, using the "Golden Rule" (buying dips in uptrends, selling rallies during downtrends)
- Using top-down multiple timeframe charts - daily, hourly, fifteen minute - when scanning for trades; How to make the final trend determination on the 15-minute chart and 5-minute chart; Trade management tactics using 20-30 pip stops when scanning for where to exit

- How to assess your exit point when trading currency pairs (like knowing when to land before you
take off, when flying); Why using a "win-loss ratio" is more useful than using a traditional risk-reward ratio
(and why, when scanning for Forex entries, it's important to look at having an 8:1 win-to-loss ratio as a goal)

- How to assess the staying power of a trade -- for example holding while MACD is above/below its
trigger line, trendline break projections, the attitude of the 50 EMA in relation to the 200 (Golden Cross,
Death Cross), and more.
- How to maximize the potential profitability of a price move by scanning for how to scale in (locking in
20 pips with one lot) and letting the second lot run, using specific scanning setups.
- Strategies for maximizing the potential profitability of a given trade by trading correlated pairs, and
observing the six swing trades at market turning points during any given 24-hour session.
- How to trade any one or all of the four repeatable price patterns (and how to scan for these); including
uptrend/downtrend continuations, uptrend/downtrend reversals, and more.
- How to keep your scanning approach simple, by avoiding "indicator fascination"; and instead focusing
on the strongest Forex signals to use on your charts...

- and more!

You'll also learn these practical Forex trading topics:

How to use precision cup pattern forex breakouts to enter your trades
How to combine Average Directional Index (ADX) with 7-day Forex charts
How to avoid false breakouts: charts to avoid
How to use Average Trading Range (ATR) breakout entries
How to set initial and trailing stops for managing risk; How to enter and exit your trades by scaling in and out
How to use candlestick chart hammers and shooting stars with breakouts
How to avoid common forex trading mistakes in your entries;
How to scan for which pairs are best to trade each week
How to develop a step by step forex breakout trading plan that's right for you

How To Use ATR and ADX for Forex Entries & Exits
- How to Trade with Average True Range (ATR) Breakouts
- Using Average Directional Index (ADX): Advanced Volatility Patterns
- Combining ADX and ATR Signals For Optimal Trade Setups
- Forex Volatility Patterns and How to Trade Them
Advanced Forex Swing Trading Strategies
- How to Scan for Forex Trading Breakouts: Finding Your Entries
- Entering After Wide-Range Days: "Breakout Compression" Trades
- Trading with Correlated Pair Relative-Strength Entries

Forex Scalping with Price-Action Patterns
- Entering with Advanced Cup Patterns: Inside vs Multiday Cups
- Where To Not Trade: How to Avoid False Forex Breakouts
- How to Use Bollinger Band "Slingshot" Breakout Trades
- Advanced Forex Day Trading Tactics: Key Scalping Patterns

Forex Trade Management: "Success Sizing"
- How to Scale In to Winning Trades
- Setting Forex Stops and How To Manage Risk
- Dynamic Forex Trade Management: Dual Entries
- Developing Your Personal Advanced Forex Breakout Trading Plan

- How to use "Price-Action Pivots" to help you see where to trade, based on new Forex price patterns
- Step by Step Scanning for Forex Pivots: How to See Which Pivots to Trade
- How to Trade Professional "Micro Cup Reversal" Forex Pivot entries and exits
- Strategies for using Candlestick Forex Pivots, such as hammers, shooting stars and engulfing patterns
- Tactics for Using Forex Pivot Support/Resistance Signals for Strong Momentum Trade Entries
- How to spot the best-trending breakout and pivot patterns using price-action Forex scanning

- Developing a step by step Forex scanning method that helps you decide which 2-3 charts are best for  intraday and swing trading, for each trading day ahead.
- How to scan for relative strength trading opportunities in your Forex charts each day, plus which ones  to stay clear of, due to lower internal volatility and signal strength.
- How to use the ADX signal for deciding how to scale into potential winning trades, and which pairs have   the strongest trading setups.

- Strategies for comparing correlated and uncorrelated charts to detect "trading entry & exit" signals to use
   when deciding when to put on a new trade; How to scan for the very best cup breakout patterns, and scan for which charts are best (this is designed to help you "cherry pick" the best potential trading entries).

- How to use candlestick pivot and breakout scanning strategies with hammers, 3-line breaks, shooting
   stars in combination with cup and ADX scanning techniques; Scanning for the "2nd entry" in your Forex trades; scanning strategies to help you manage your trades from start to finish, plus how to decide whether or not a specific pair is worth adding to.
- Advanced techniques to use when flipping through your charts using a "rapid scan" technique to instantly
   see which pairs have the best trend strength and correlation entry patterns.
- How to instantly scan for the "length of a trend run" and see which entry patterns are stronger than others.
- "Lessons learned" from scanning for Forex day and swing trading entries, and how to develop a quick
   trading blueprint designed to help you maximize your time when scanning for entries

- and more!

Good Trading,

Peter Bain
Ken Calhoun

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